19:15 Trainside thoughts

Had I been any more assertive, I would have had Fred on his way, leaving me to pack and panic on my own. Get some quality havoc time of my own prior to departing. I suppose it’s all the same, though, and now I’m on the train for Stockholm.

My, Sweden is so beautiful this time of the year.

I kind of like these new two-story double-decker trains that traffic Linköping-Stockholm, despite them having a ways to go with noise dampening; they are by far worse than the old trains. My earplygs eat up most of it, though, so it’s mostly a ghostly whisper when I yawn now. Mom downright hates them, for their lack of space. I believe it’s that you can’t stand straight at your seat because the edges of the tables extend just to above the point where the seats start. Ridiculous construction, really.

The countryside is so unbelievably lush. I’m out trekking too little.

The Chinese-descendant sitting across the table sips the occasional sip on his can of Sprite. I ponder soda, for a while. Amazing, the kind of cheap chemical shit we can or bottle up, sell and buy. I don’t get soda, though I still once in a while succumb to shortage of options and have one myself. It’s amazing, or a little sad, there is demand for it. Not that I really mind, nor consider myself better for not wanting the stuff. Or maybe I do? A bit like with drugs? Nah, not really. Have your soda, and I’ll down another few chapters now.

...okay. I liked part two the best. Next book!

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