12:28 Blindly in love

I'm officially (and very happily) a sap, but I only just realized quite how far back that stretches in time and where I grew my first roots into it — and that I just fulfilled that first tentative dream of 20 years ago this Friday.

It was a scene in The Last Emperor, of a very romantic game, where a silk sheet spanning the room separated both (or maybe they were more?) participants from one another. So only through touch would they try to figure out who was on the other side of that silk screen. The details are vague; that is the only thing I grew an emotional attachment to in the whole movie. But that stuck.

I've grown into a very tactile person since, and the dream has evolved a bit over the decades, into the shape I came to fulfill, of quite intimately getting to know someone mind first, body next, looks last, exploring a persona layer by layer, from depths to surface, finally blindfoldedly cuddling and giving my x-ray hands free, untainted sight into her constitution, before locking gazes at last and drowning the traditional way too, from the surface down again.

And I couldn't be happier about the person I got to share this with. Very worth waiting for. Not just the two weeks of the mind dive leading up to it, but those twenty years paving the way, too, building my character and unique traits, earning me the natural inclination to test any boundaries, expand and act on dreams and believe firmly in the best of outcomes. That's all you need to fulfill any dream. Inevitability will cater the rest.

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