10:37 Oralizing male blogs

Pardon this note being in English again, but for reasons that will soon unwind, the verbal context switch was made more difficult by a fairly intensely repeated case of English.

On my recent plane ride home, I was mocking myself a bit over getting wound up about maybe losing what there might be of British influences to my vocabulary, accent and/or other aesthetic aspects to my speech and writing. Most amusing signs of vanity I otherwise would typically abhor, but apparently don't, in subfields of the humanities -- word and mind and emotional make-up being prime examples of the latter. Maybe because they don't smear or taint when kissing, need the same kind of ephemeral maintenance work applying and removing as the facial stuff does, and maybe because it's something I'm partial to myself and also don't suck at.

Okay. So, having this embarrassing vanity affair with the language, while waiting for my laundry to dry up, creatively interspersed throughout my entire apartment (as the drying rooms were all locked this morning) I set out to spend a bit of time blog hopping. Starting out on a (to me) most catching post by Kathy Sierra about historical and present progress/innovation patterns at Creating Passionate Users I turn up a few references, and end up following a trail through bits of male blogging, on people and emotional subject matter. I very rarely do; my prejudice and curiosity patterns are very partial to female write-up in these fields.

I ended up reading some bits by Doc Searls, first about well worked through and condensed thoughts on business as morality, and, tracing this backwards, a flight conversation (and a male-male relationship he struck up with a Nigerian minister, to be most envious about, during same flight), to finally arrive with Eric S Raymond on the topic of teaching hackers how to emit fitness-to-reproduce signals.

In a rather nonsensical fashion, and to great amusement of the self, I then spent a good few hours of Morning reading Eric's very to the point and observant writing out aloud, in a most BBCishly British English, cramming out all the rhetoric and dramatic speech effects I could muster into every stanza of it, as would any great orator, had they really set their mind on it. Amusement sometimes comes at a discount, and this was a pure steal.

I don't think I'm in any imminent danger of losing what BE accent there might be woven into and around my heart. Certainly not anytime soon, anyway. Not that picking up a girlfriend of that heritage configuration would hurt, of course. On the other hand, I'd hardly be in any imminent danger of that, either.

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